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Pillars Celebration Service

April 27, 2014
10:30 am

We gather together on Sunday mornings to center ourselves around the resurrected Christ and to receive his gifts in faith.  Through His Spirit we are called, gathered, inspired, and sent to be his disciples in our worlds. Pillars is a celebration service that follows a Liturgical Divine Service format and is lead by piano.  We […]

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The Steward’s Purpose

When we look at stewardship we have to begin with the identity of a steward being rooted in the love of God for us.  Often times when the conversation of being a steward comes up we couch it in a way by saying that this is what we do for God.  Which is ok.  But, […]


About half of Americans self-report that they experience chronic or frequent loneliness.  How do we become the type of people who move towards those people to create community.  How do you do that? In a very practical sense, how do we create meaningful community? This conversation is going to be centered around the simple truth […]